Category: TV Comedies
Stars: Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, Megan Mullally

Outside of the Spartacus franchise and a few other hour-long dramas, Starz hasn't had much success launching original shows, particularly sitcom-length comedies. Which leads us to this question: Why couldn't the riotous Party Down have been on, say, HBO? Or any other hands-off cable network that fares better in the ratings department than Starz?

If it'd been on a different channel, Party Down, the often brilliant look at struggling actors who moonlight as shindig waiters and helpers, could still be on the air. Dumbasses who think Mike & Molly is comedy gold probably wouldn't even care, but we, and other worthy viewers, would be happier than Snooki bathing in pickle juice.