Category: TV Mysteries
Stars: Elaine Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, Katie Cassidy, Adam Campbell, C.J. Thomason, Jim Beaver, Cameron Richardson, Richard Burgi, Victor Webster, Matt Barr, Dean Chekvala, Harry Hamlin, Gina Holden, David Lewis, Cassandra Sawtell, Claudette Mink, Brandon Jay McLaren

If you're in charge of a new TV series and the network execs cast your show away to Saturday nights, you're more than likely screwed. Which is what the minds behind CBS' daring whodunit horror series Harper's Island learned the hard way back in 2009, when the series ran its 13-episode course to very little ratings hoopla.

A shame, really, since Harper's Island is an absolute blast, never skimping on the hardcore carnage (by network programming standards, at least), keeping viewers guessing with its genuinely inscrutable mystery, and featuring an assortment of colorful performances from an attractive cast (several of the women made our list of the hottest actresses in horror TV shows). Naturally, such an original show never stood a chance; here's your chance to give Harper's Island its just due.