Aired: September 10, 1990 - May 20, 1996 (NBC)
Theme Song: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Yo Home To Bel-Air"

Steeped in the tradition of let-me-tell-you-exactly-what-this-show-is-about introductions, such as the ones for Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's well-received theme song was not a far cry from what Will Smith was already doing with DJ Jazzy Jeff before he hit the small screen.

Humorous storytelling cuts like “Parents Just Don't Understand” had already garnered nationwide attention for the Philly rapper, so when it came time for him to craft a song to tell the tale of his alter ego's move from East Coast streets to affluent private community living, it was already secondhand to Smith. Thus, he delivered a joint that one imagines could have been his next single had it not been specifically written for the show. The theme's popularity continues to this day in the form of various Internet memes, including users trolling message boards with “confessional” stories that abruptly end with Bel-Air lyrics.