Aired: September 12, 1978 - May 6, 1982 (ABC); September 30, 1982 - June 15, 1983 (NBC)
Theme Song: Bob James "Angela"

Noted jazz musician Bob James' “Angela (Theme from Taxi)” could be the most kick-ass Lite FM “power jam” ever. The zen-like car tune heard before all of Louie DePalma and the gang's misadventures in and out of the garage is a joy ride of easy-listening nirvana jump started by a serene, ethereal flute that sounds like it originates from a faraway land full of Hobbits. Simply put, it's strangely soothing. In the early '90s, Bay Area rap group Souls of Mischief fell under the song's spell, but, ultimately, they were bewitched by legal hassles trying to clear the sample for their destined-for-bootleg-status “Cab Fare.”