Aired: September 21, 1970 - 2005 (ABC); 2006 - Present (ESPN)
Theme Song: Johnny Pearson "Heavy Action"

Contrary to popular belief, the glorious and revered Monday Night Football anthem hasn't always been the official opening number for the NFL's regular season showcase match-up. In fact, “Heavy Action,” by Johnny Pearson, was originally made in 1974 for BBC's version of the sports series Superstars in the UK and didn't appear on ABC's MNF telecasts until four years later, and even then it took all the way until 1989 for it to become the main theme of the broadcast.

That's hard to believe, knowing just how powerful of an adrenaline rush it causes in loyal fans. The whole thing sounds like a brolic marching band on steroids, and even dips into a slightly James Bond-ish crescendo before climaxing in winning fashion.