Aired: September 17, 1966 - March 30, 1973 (CBS)
Theme Song: Lalo Schifrin "Mission: Impossible"

The opening credits to the 1960s' Mission: Impossible depicted the lit fuse of a bomb as it inched closer and closer to detonation. In real life, seeing this would cause people to scream in panic, and quite possibly, make them shit their drawers. In the world of television, seeing that burning countdown to destruction means it's time once again to hear that famous tense rhythm exhilarating enough to make you pee with excitement.

Created by iconic film composer Lalo Schifrin, the fast-paced score is infectious fun, mixing unusual timing and a hint of Latin style percussion to illustrate the daring and dangerous lives of spies. The stellar theme has stood the test of time and has been reworked for the theatrical movies starring Tom Cruise, but it's impossible to top the original.