Aired: September 26, 1982 - August 8, 1986 (NBC)
Theme Song: Stu Phillips "Knight Rider Theme"

Mesmerizing—that's the best way to explain the electrifying effect of the driving, mega-turbo-boost beat, otherwise known as the Knight Rider theme. Going from 0 to 60 in nanoseconds, the custom-built musical composition moves as fast as the technologically advanced, talking Trans Am thrill ride KITT, and is just as cool. The hard-boiled voiceover by actor Richard Baseheart is entertaining in a B-movie way, working in a similar vibe to Vincent Price's cameo in Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” And let's not forget that Busta Rhymes car-jacked the Knight Rider music for his 1998 hit “Turn It Up (Remix)."