Olivia Munn: For the Love of Munn (2008 Cover Story & Gallery)

Olivia Munn: For the Love of Munn (2008 Cover Story & Gallery)Interview by Justin Monroe; Photography by James Dimmock; Click Here For Additional Credits.

Complex might.
We would have to develop a relationship and feelings!

This is our second interview with you!
OK, what the hell. Just make sure it’s one of those baby carrots.

You might lose that up there. That wouldn’t be good.
OK, you could use a big one. Just use the bigger end—the pointy end might hurt. [Awkward pause.]  I love awkward pauses. [Laughs.] I’m a whore for a laugh.

And for emotional attachment. So you were never one for making out with strangers at bars?
That’d gross me out. A group of girlfriends once had an intervention for me—this is 100 percent true. They’d always have one-night stands, but I didn’t even want to randomly make out with guys. They sat me down and said, “You know, Olivia, we just want you to know it’s OK to be a whore-dog.” I swear to God, they said “whore-dog.” I’m like, “But I don’t want to.” And they’re like, “But maybe you should.”


I’m not a big porno person. Like, I don’t want to see what my anus looks like. I really don’t.


Great friends. What would it take for you to leave G4?
If they were to say, “You can’t act.” Then I’d say, “Well, I’m sorry, I have to leave.” I’m the person who’s adamant that this is not a stepping stone for me. My role might change [as I act more] and I might not be there as much, but either way I want to stay there. I love seeing the network grow and being one of the reasons it’s growing. I love the fans.

What’s the weirdest gig you’ve been offered?
American Gladiators wanted me to be their host, but I didn’t want to do that. I mean, I used to love American Gladiators, but I don’t want to be the host of American Gladiators.

You’ve said you wouldn’t do theatrical nudity without a real reason. What’s your policy on making sex tapes for personal use?
I’m not a big porno person, but I’ve seen a few here and there, and that shit does not look good. Like, I don’t want to see what my anus looks like. I really don’t. If I ever did a sex tape and it got out, I would be suicidal. I want to be in control of how people perceive me. I don’t want to be known for a sex tape or being on the cover of US Weekly; I want to be known for who I am, my hosting, my acting. I don’t walk the red carpet with my boyfriend because I don’t want to invite all that.

Plus, that leaves a glimmer of hope for amorous fans.
Well, I’m not married, and I cheat on my boyfriend regularly, so there’s hope for everybody!

Looks aside, guys love you for being into or knowledgeable about a lot of “guy things.”
Is there anything guys love that you don’t?

Um, eating vagina. And I don’t like watching baseball on TV. I love going to the games and eating, but it’s the most boring sport on TV.

If you didn’t mention vagina, we were going to run wild with that.


1. Her fine body hidden in a huge coat, Munn settled for showing off her football acumen while reporting on her beloved Sooners team (she was born in Oklahoma). Sooner? We hardly know 'er! Sigh. [BACK]
2. She won the role on the cable drama Beyond the Break after passing a surf test, and she still stays fit riding waves. Bikinis and wetsuits--makes us want to shoot the curl, nahmean? NAHMEAN?! [BACK]
3. When paparazzi ran up on her and friends Jeremy PIven and Perrey Reeves (Entourage's Mr. and Mrs. Ari Gold), she played the back to avoid being dubbed Piv's "new conquest." [BACK
4. She recently landed a role in their upcoming film, The Slammin' Salmon, and is producing a TV show with them. Is she the Fergie to their Black Eyed Peas? She's already the apl.de.ap of our eye. [BACK]

ADDITIONAL CREDITS: (HAIR) John Ruggiero/Exclusive Artists for Bumble & Bumble. (MAKEUP) Jeffrey Paul/Exclusive Artists for Lancome. (SET DESIGN) David Cook. COVER AND FIRST IMAGES (FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH): Bikini by Lenny. SECOND IMAGE (WEIRD SCIENCE): Underwear by Hurley. THIRD IMAGE (THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY): Top by Norma Kamali. FOURTH IMAGE (DODGEBALL): Bathing suit and shoes by D&G; stockings by Agent Provocateur. FIFTH IMAGE (WAYNE'S WORLD): Dress & Shows by Patricia Field. SIXTH IMAGE (DUMB & DUMBER).

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