Olivia Munn: For the Love of Munn (2008 Cover Story & Gallery)

Olivia Munn: For the Love of Munn (2008 Cover Story & Gallery)Interview by Justin Monroe; Photography by James Dimmock; Click Here For Additional Credits.

Nonetheless, you’re generally very approachable.
I gave out my oliviamunn@gmail.com address on TV once, like “whatever”—and then I got 6,000 emails in one day. I had to make an alternate, but I still use that one. I’ve called fans if they gave me their number, too.

Is that ever overwhelming and/or scary?
I don’t want to be untouchable. When I was a kid, I loved Luke Perry. I sent him a five-page letter and got back one of those letters that looked hand-written, but you could tell it was just printed out. I was so upset by that. That’s why it’s important to me to be connected with the fans, because I’m not that special.

So true.
I meant that in a really humble way; I mean I am special because I’m not special. Nobody really says they’re not special, which in turn makes me special. [Laughs.] I just want you to really like me!

We’re not the only ones who do. At last year’s Comic-Con, you spent five hours signing autographs for your horde of fans. Do germs bother you when you shake that many hands?
They always have sanitizer for us. The weird thing is, I’m really O.C.D.—I wash my hands a lot and I like things in corners—but when it comes to fans, I forget to sanitize my hands. There were a lot of kisses on the cheek, too, and it just didn’t bother me after a while. I know it sounds gross, but it’s because they’re such nice, normal people.


My friends sat me down and said, 'Olivia, it's OK to be a whore-dog.'


So fan germs touched your body later when you showered?
I’m sure some of their germs were in my mouth. When I was in the shower, I just thought about all of them and their dirty, nasty germs all over me. I mixed their germs and saliva with lye and created a bar of soap. That’s what I bathe with now.

You’ve said that being stalked would confirm your celebrity. What would be your ideal stalking?
I’d like to be stalked by Shia LaBeouf. I’d like him to one day become obsessed with me, be outside my door every day, and I’m like, “Shia, dear God, go shoot Indiana Jones!” And he’s like, “No, I love you. Transformers 2 is coming out, and I need you to be in it because I can’t work another day without seeing your face.” And I’m like, “Oh, Shia, I just can’t.”

Have you learned a lot hosting G4’s sex advice segment “In Your Pants”?
Still a virgin.

A virgin?!
Oh, just in my ass. The other way, I’ve slept around a lot.

Are you sexually adventurous?
I can’t bring in another girl. I can’t have sex with people that I’m not emotionally attached to. And the thought of going down on a girl grosses me out. But if a guy says, like, “I want to stick this carrot in your ass,” I would be like, “Well…if that really turns you on….”

So you’re not the anal virgin you make yourself out to be!
[Laughs.] I’m saying if somebody wants to put a carrot in my ass! Nobody has put a carrot in my ass.

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