New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to lower the state's flags to half-staff on Saturday in honor of Whitney Houston rubbed some people the wrong way. One dude was so pissed that he bought a New Jersey flag and burned it on his grill-even though he doesn't live in New Jersey.

John Burri, a resident of Wyoming, Michigan who lost his son in Iraq back in 2005, acknowledged Houston's talent but called Christie's move "a slap in the face for every family out there who has lost a loved one in the war. It's a watering down of what it means to be a hero."

Despite the criticism, Christie stood his ground, calling Houston "a daughter of New Jersey."As for the flag burning, isn't that more disrespectful than lowering the flags for someone who wasn't a "true" hero? Better yet, isn't tying the flag to the back of your car and dragging it around your hood extremely disrespectful?

Get off your soapbox.

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