The appearance of a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Iran is the source of nationwide confusion.

The chain had been banned from Iran following the 1979 Islamic revolution, but a restaurant popped up in Karaj yesterday, shocking the country. Franchisee Amir-Hossein Alizadeh claims it took five years to get approval to bring KFC back, even naming it "Kentucky Fried Chicken — Iran" and serving more traditional Iranian dishes in addition to fried chicken.

But, of course, the plot thickens. Yum! Restaurants International, which oversees the development of such restaurants overseas, says they have "no plans to open KFC restaurants in Iran." Despite a 12 percent spike in sales in Middle Eastern markets last year, the company plans to take legal action.

So did Alizadeh just jack the logo and slap it on his restaurant? It's up to the lawyers to figure it out.

[via Design You Trust and Nation's Restaurant News]

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