How often do you play games in general these days?
I don’t really play them as often since I’m traveling so much with Playboy, so I would say on a monthly basis probably 15 times. That’s a lot, but probably not for true gamers.

Are there many girls who play games at the mansion?
I haven’t met any girls that really were into it. I haven’t even met Jo Garcia, the "Gamer Next Door." She was in Atlanta recently for the PlayStation Vita Playboy Party and she’s really into games but I don’t know of any other girls that are.

What is it that you like about racing games?
I love being behind the wheel. I’ve always said one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was be a race car driver. I think I would be really good at it, so if I can’t be on NASCAR then gaming is my next best thing.

What do you drive in real life?
I have a Mercedes. In college I had a Z4 and it was a stick. I've always loved driving a stick. There's just something about it, it’s like I’m in a race car. I love it.

Have you ever played any games with the stick controls and steering wheel?
Oh, yeah, of course I have but those things suck. I hate them. I can never get them to work right with the alignment of the wheel. It just doesn’t control right.

Did you try different wheels out?
When I had gone in the game store they didn’t have too many. I think there was like two or three to choose from and I got the most expensive one because I figured it would be the best and more realistic. If I could find one I liked that worked better, I would definitely use that instead of the controller.

Have you ever played any of the Gran Turismo games?
I have, but I don’t like it as much as FORZA. Need for Speed was another one that I was into before FORZA came out. But I just like the way that FORZA is set up. It’s more realistic.

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