God of War 4 has been outed again by South African retailer BT Games (the last time was when DOTA 2's composer listed the game on his resume). They've listed the game for preorder a little prematurely—after all, it hasn't even been announced yet. But as Joystiq points out, BT has a history of being right; they also outed the Jak and Daxter HD collection and Mass Effect 3's multiplayer modes last October.

With every additional piece of evidence comes even more certainty that God of War 4 is indeed in the works, and we'd hazard a guess that we might get an announcement this year—convention season is coming up, after all, with GDC, PAX East and E3 right around the corner.

But what the hell could it possibly be about? Surely not more backstory and in-between quests? Could there be a new main character? I mean, didn't Kratos just kill Zeus? How do you top that? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.