Before the plastic wrapper has even been torn off your copy of the latest installment of the Twisted Metal franchise, Deadline is reporting that Sony has hired Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director Brian Taylor to write and helm a big screen adaptation of the blood-splattered video game series. Ghost Rider's Avi Arad will also serve as the producer on the film, which should put some Twisted Metal fans at ease because Arad is the man behind all four Spider-Man movies as well.

Like the video game series, the movie will focus on an underground fight to the death between contestants that battle it out in weaponized vehicles that sport machine guns, rocket launchers, and countless other tools of destruction. The mysterious man behind the carnage, Calypso, has promised that he will then grant the last participant standing any wish that he/she desires. It is also being reported that fan-favorites like Sweet Tooth—a homicidal clown in a deadly ice cream truck—and Dollface will make appearances in the movie. 

Although Brian Taylor usually collaborates on his films with fellow director Mark Neveldine, Twisted Metal will be his first solo movie. While most video game adaptations wind up failing in spectacular fashion, the off-the-wall style of Taylor might be enough to make this a worthwhile attempt. 

[via Deadline