Too often, fraternities and sororities cross that invisible line that is hazing, and the most recent case went down at UC Berkeley. Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. pledge Britteny Starling has accused her former sisters of torturing her, despite the sorority's no-hazing policy. In one particular incident, she was forbidden from using the bathroom until she eventually peed on her self, and that wasn't the worst of the treatment.

Despite the fear of being ostracized, Starling dropped from the line of pledges. She also claims that she left school and was forced to seek counseling as a result of her treatment. Lastly, she wants punitive damages and lost future wages.

We acknowledge the sacrifices that people make to join these organizations, but you shouldn't have to give up  your dignity to be part of them. That's a direct contradiction of their founding principles. 

[via Jezebel]

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