Play Arts is back again with some exquisitely detailed action figures that are to die for. Shown a few months ago was lead character Sam from Vanquish. Well, it looks like the final builds for the Vanquish line are about finished, and they look really incredible.

Most re-assuring is the weigh-in from Platinum Games designer Kenji Irie, "They have captured every little detail in the ARS Suit. They even brought to life many of the little details on the inner suit as well."

When looking at the figure of Zaitsev in Bogey mode, Irie said, "This one still needs that final level of fine detail, but the proportions are very close to what is actually represented in the game, and when you pick it up you get this awesome feeling of heft to the toy," said Irie. "It's great."

Granted, these figures are not painted, but seeing the models this detailed should assure you that the final product will be worth the wait.

You can check out a Behind The Scenes of the figures' production here

Release for the figures is slated for May 2012, for MSRP $69.99.

Cheap, no. But you get what you pay for, and take it from someone who bought up most of their Peace Walker set. Play Arts knows what they're doing, and they're are some of the nicest action figures I've ever owned.