Williamsburg real estate broker Justin Farrow, who has a thing for street art, has created the ultimate bachelor pad for himself—out of a van in an abandoned warehouse. As Farrow explains, living in "Van Gogh" was 100% his decision, so you shouldn't be concerned about working with a homeless real estate broker:

Don't be scared. This is a simple experiment in housing. In an undisclosed location, inside one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in the US (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), I am purposefully living inside my van, parked in a 4 story spooky warehouse which is currently for sale for over $25 million dollars. In less than a year, this building will be converted into hundreds of condos. As a real estate agent for over 10 yrs in NYC, I could live anywhere I want, but I chose this. In a round-about-way, this is my statement on Gentrification as New World Colonialism. More to come...

Now that this video is out, Farrow might want to take it down, because he might get some unwanted visitors who have fave figured out where the hideaway is and are skilled in the art of how to rob. Click through for pics of the van, the warehouse and a view of that NYC skyline.

[via Gothamist]

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