Blake Lively was forced to take out a restraining order against an obsessed fan, claiming that he was making contact with her mom, stalking her in New York on the set of Gossip Girl, and that he believed he was there to "help her heal." AKA, creeper to the max.

The man in question, Sergei Mifle (who can be seen here), apparently claims that he has some sort of "metaphysical" connection with Lively. According to the actress, he contacted her mother on numerous occasions saying he was deeply concerned about Lively, that he didn't "want to see her go the way of Lindsay Lohan," and he needed to help her.

"I am worried that Mifle might follow me around and harm me," The actress said in her petition, adding that she is worried about the safety of her mother as well.

According to the New York Daily News, Mifle says he will stay away from Lively, but had these very creepy things to say: "I don't want to get arrested. But the restraining order is ridiculous. I will stay away, but there will come a time when I'm going to need her. I just want to talk to her. I like her very much."

Mifle is ordered to stay away from both Lively and her mother under the restraining order.

[via New York Daily News]