Bioware apologized to outraged Mass Effect fans for the inaccuracies of Mass Effect: Deception yesterday via the company's forums. Fans have been up in arms since the release of the series' latest tie-in novel, pointing out that many parts of the book don't match up with facts established in the games and previous books. Bioware assures fans that they plan to alter future editions of the books to correct the mistakes.

"Mass Effect fans have been asking for a comment on recent concerns over Mass Effect: Deception. We have been listening and have the below response on the issue.

The teams at Del Rey and BioWare would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the Mass Effect fans for any errors and oversights made in the recent novel Mass Effect: Deception.  We are currently working on a number of changes that will appear in future editions of the novel.  

We would like to thank all Mass Effect fans for their passion and dedication to this ever-growing world, and assure them that we are listening and taking this matter very seriously."

Well, Mass Effect fans, look at the bright side. Once those corrected books come out you're error-laden copies are going to become collector's items.

[Via Bioware]