Proving that there is no end to our collective vanity and insecurities, FaceTime, Apple’s videoconferencing app and Skype clone, has kicked off a new trend among iPhone owners: plastic surgery.

Yes, folks are unfortunately treating the front-facing camera as an always-there mirror highlighting their flaws. And of course, there’s some Kevorkian-esque doctor profiting from it all, one (despicable) Dr. Robert Sigal.

“Patients come in with their iPhones and show me how they look on FaceTime,” said the Washington, D.C.-based Sigal. “The angle at which the phone is held, with the caller looking downward into the camera, really captures any heaviness, fullness, and sagging of the face and neck. People say ‘I never knew I looked like that! I need to do something!’

He continued, “I’ve started calling it the ‘FaceTime Facelift’ effect. And we’ve developed procedures to specifically address it.”

[via Gizmodo]