If you're a fan of G4's Attack Of The Show!, you've probably noticed Alison Haislip, the blonde beauty best known dropping the day's top stories in "The Feed" segment and occasionally co-hosting the show itself. But as of late 2011, Alison has left G4 to focus on new projects, including Hulu's new political dramedy Battleground, which premieres tomorrow (February 14). That's right, Hulu is back with more original programming, and Alison's new gig is their first original scripted show. Sounds perfect for a girl who's known for being on the cutting-edge.

She may have moved on from G4, but Alison still has love for all things nerd, including video games. While photographing her for the "Women Are Complex, Too" feature in our February/March 2012 issue, we sat down with Alison and got her to recount some of her fondest gaming-related memories. Press the start button above.