Whitney Houston was a musical icon whose influence extended far beyond radio airwaves and MTV music videos. On top of arguably being the most iconic female singer of all time, the accomplished performer was also an occasional actress. Through starring in the The Bodyguard to Waiting to Exhale, Houston left behind a legacy of talked-about movies, in addition to now-classic singles that were the staples of their respective soundtracks.

In fact, before her untimely death, Houston had begun shooting another movie due out at the end of this year, Sparkle (pictured above), which follows a successful singing group of three sisters dealing with the fallout of fame and drugs, also starring Jordin Sparks. It would've been her comeback film. While the world replays her records in memory of her powerful voice and contemplates what more she could've done if not for her demons, we're celebrating the greatness of her life by popping in the films that proved how multitalented Houston really was.

Written by Tara Aquino (@t_akino)

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