Do you enjoy free games that bore you into spending money on them? Even with that coat of pixel-art eye candy, we found it hard to stay engaged with Tiny Tower for long, but apparently we're the only ones who feel that way. The game's developer tweeted yesterday that it's been downloaded by over 10 million people. We find that number amazing and ridiculous, and apparently so does he.

He's giving away 10 million Tower Bux, the thing in the game that people spend real money on for some reason, to celebrate.

Regardless of how we feel about Tiny Tower as a game, we've got to congratulate them for reaching this milestone. Oh, and we wish them luck in their campaign to get Zynga to stop ripping people off.

Are you a Tiny Tower-er? How many levels have you built up? We think we got to 39—let us know your score in the comments or on Twitter.