Video: Watch Snoop Dogg Guess the Cost of Bird Seed on "The Price is Right"

Snoop Dogg may be best known for his rhymes, but this Sunday Snoop showcased some of his more unlikely skills (namely guessing the price of grocery items) for a celebrity-charity edition of The Price is Right.

Snoop kicked off the charity week, which will also feature Jenny McCarthy, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Daughtry and Heidi Klum, with a little freestyle about the long-running game show, before going on to help several contestants win big. Among Snoop's victories were a killer Plinko run in which he helped a contestant named Darlene pull in $12,500 with a lucky guess, and showing off his shopping savvy with advice on the price of groceries (including a nearly spot-on pricing of birdseed), helping the lucky contestant score a 1965 Lincoln continental convertible.

In total, Snoop snagged Darlene a total of $72,585 in prizes, a sum The Price is Right matched for Snoop's inner-city charity, The Snoop Football League. Looks like all that time in Petco paid off!

[via EW]

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