As a civilian, sending an email to Nintendo today must net you a big fat sack full of nothing—or, at most, a canned response from a PR assembly line with no more soul in it than EA's customer service department.

But that wasn't always the case, which we learned today when a reddit user scanned in a letter he received in the mail from Nintendo in 1998. It reminds us of simpler times.

They respond to each of his queries at great length; regarding a sequel to the SNES's Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan): "Unfortunately, Square Soft has decided to pursue other business opportunities which include making games for others systems," followed by an in-depth list of upcoming alternatives for the N64. Many of them never saw the light of day.

What about a follow-up to Super Metroid, for the N64? "I would love to see Samus in all her 64-bit glory! I did some research.." Nintendo's consumer service rep did research to respond to fan mail? The funny thing is, we actually believe them.

Head over to reddit for a bigger version of the image so you can read it yourself. It covers everything from Square Soft's departure to work on the PS One to the failed N64 disk drive attachment and EarthBound 64, a game many are still pining for. Make sure to drop any nostalgic anecdotes here in the comments or on Twitter.