Kotaku's pulled together a host of rumors from their fancy anonymous inside sources regarding Microsoft's next console, colloquially referred to as the Xbox 720, Xbox-Next, or That Accessory That Ships With Kinect 2. Just kidding about that last one (we hope).

Most importantly, one source has told them the console will come packed with some sort of "anti-used game system." That would definitely outrage gamers, though publishers would no doubt suffer fits of joyous giggles over the prospective death of the used games market. Given trends toward digital downloads, though, which inherently prevent used game swaps, this tech may be obsolete by the time it launches.

Other whispers include the system using Blu-Ray Discs and launching with Kinect 2 and a smaller controller. Contrary to what many people think, Sony doesn't own Blu-Ray, so a jump to the bigger capacity discs seems likely. And Kinect 2 may have the built-in processor that was intended for the original Kinect, which would make it more accurate at detecting your movements. We'll reserve judgment on the controller until we actually have it in our hands.

Does the prospect of anti-used game technology piss you off? Are you surprised to learn that Sony doesn't own Blu-Ray? Do you despise Kinect with an unquenchable rage fire deep in your soul? Please tell us in the comments or on Twitter.