Texas Pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa, who founded the popular Fellowship Church, released their book Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse today. To promote it, they've come up with the perfect publicity stunt-24 hours in bed atop the church's roof.

The festivities will begin at 6 a.m. on Friday morning. In an attempt to bring "God back in the bed and put the bed back in the church," the Youngs will conduct in person and Skype interviews, and Pastor Young will also stream the event on his website. Take that, Bang Bros.

Keep in mind that this is the same dude who drove a Ferrari into the church last February, exclaiming "God gave me a Ferrari because I am a Ferrari. You're a Ferrari too. God has given you a Ferrari." What if God gave you a fucked up '89 Camry?  

Anyway, the Youngs have been married for thirty years, so they must know how to keep the spark alive. What better way to do that, and educate others, than a day in bed as He looks down upon them. This is just as clever as Rick Ross dropping the video for the appropriately titled "Stay Schemin'" along with Rich Forever last Friday. You think Young ever talks to the Holy Ghost in his Bugatti?

He is the son of a preacher, and the church does have an $8.4 million jet, so he must know what he's doing. Right?

[via Nerve and the Christian Post]

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