According to research firm Mendeley, Android smartphone users spend about an hour a day—59.23 minutes to be precise—using apps, while the average session lasts only about a minute (71.56 seconds). This despite over 10 billion Android app downloads by over 200 million Android owners.

The study found the 4,100 users surveyed spent the most time engaging apps related to their devices, such as themes and updaters, for an average of 274.23 seconds per session. Games, on the other hand, only averaged 114.25 seconds per session. Usage for all apps tended to rise throughout the workday, peaking at about 6pm. Communication apps such as Gmail were found to be used the most throughout the day.

All in all, as smartphones become ubiquitous, their convenience still only seems to serve our time-wasting needs more so than anything else.

[via ReadWriteWeb]