AMY (PS3, 360, PC) (Reviewed on PS3)

Developer: VectorCell

Publisher: Lexis Numérique

Release date: January 17, 2012

Price: 800 Microsoft Points, $9.99


Score: 2/10

Silent Hill, the original Silent Hill for PlayStation, handled combat awkwardly. The sound design trumped Resident Evil’s (also the original). The camera direction astounded. The real-time 3D environments pushed grungy graphical limits. The combat, clumsy and apish, restrained Silent Hill from achieving the critical success of its sequel, Silent Hill 2. In summary, AMY sucks at everything.

The poor girl (that is, the game, and not the titular character) has the visual veneer and the spirited potential of a successful Silent Hill game. It was made two generations later and has none of the tact of its 32-bit counterpart but all of the narrative verve. AMY is not crippled by her downloadable limitations. Her blemishes are baked into the more than “outdated” design decisions; they are curiously inhibiting.

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