The PlayStation Vita game Reality Fighters might take a little getting used to. As an augmented reality (AR) fighting game, looking through the screen, the fighters are projected onto the world around you. If you find this concept daunting or at least a little bit odd, Sony is making sure you get the best help possible.

If you need help, Pat Morita, better known as the original Mr. Miyagi, will teach you the ropes of Reality Fighters in the game's tutorial. He'll train you and, eventually, he can become a playable character.

Since Morita himself passed away, Mr. Miyagi will be voiced by Jim Ward in the game. You may know him as Captain Qwark from Ratch and Clank.

Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, Producer Mitsuo Hirakawa explained that the team had a long list of famous action heroes to be the game's tutorial master, including "Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li and even Mike Myers". In the end they chose Mr. Miyagi because he's strong, but also kind of funny. Hirakawa said: "We needed someone who was tough, but also had a softer, more humorous side."

So you're saying it's a coincidence that the man who preached "Wax on, Wax off" is in a PlayStation Vita launch title?

Either way, it's pretty pretty cool.

[Via PlayStation Blog]