Despite her iconic status and the fact that she's stayed in impressive shape into her 40's, Jennifer Aniston has been the punchline of numerous jokes for her post-Brad Pitt relationship woes. Now she has something for all of us to envy: a damn near two acre Bel Air mansion.

Aniston is the new owner of this 8,500 square foot property in Bel Air which was listed at $24 million but she managed to steal for $21 mil. Once again, fuck the asking price. The house boasts 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and gorgeous views of the city and ocean. The vineyard is just one big "fuck you" to us all.

This was orchestrated by Aniston's realtor, Jade Mills, who also helped Avril Lavigne sell her $8.5 million mansion to Chris Paul last week. She's cleaning up this month.

[via TMZ]

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