24/7 Wall Street recently released its first annual list of the Best and Worst Run Cities in America, based on data from the 100 largest cities in the country by population. By examining their "local economies, fiscal discipline and standard of living," they were able to come up with a list of winners and losers. The biggest loser? Miami.

Based on their research, Miami had the fourth lowest percentage of adults that graduated from high school (68.2%). In addition, despite being the richest city in the country, they have the fifth highest poverty rate at 32.4%. The city's biggest problem appears to be the huge gap between the wealthy and the poor, as the median household income is just $27,291.

Miami being named the vainest city didn't shock anyone, but the worst managed as well? Ouch. Maybe it should try to be like Virginia Beach, which was named the best city. Not likely though; Miami's not that conservative. Meh, as long as the Heat are looking good and the surgeons are knifing people up, we doubt the city cares.

[via Miami New Times and 24/7 Wall Street]

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