Less than two weeks after a rumor about THQ's permanent shuttering was shadily begun and promptly squashed, a former employee/employees has/have written a lengthy letter accusing the company of mismanagement.

"I have long felt the need to explain to outsiders how this beaten-down company has wound up in this position," the anonymous letter says. "It is to the point where having it on your resume is not a point in your favor. And that shouldn't be the case. I'm/We're sending this note anonymously because some of us are still awaiting final checks and others know how little corporations like employees who air their dirty laundry. We feel the need to say something to combat the partial misinformation being written."

The letter claims the company's woes are caused by its out-of-touch executives, and began when they went on a rampage of studio purchases, many of which ended in shutterings and sales. The failed uDraw concept didn't help. The letter goes on to individually call out several executives and former execs, at least one of which has lost his job as well.

We're all for impassioned diatribes, but does this one come across as sort of petty? If they're going to call out individuals, shouldn't they reveal their own identities as well? And for crying out loud, use the correct form for "past time" (not "passed"). Yeah, we're anal about grammar. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, and read the full letter on the next page.

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