Decked out in Patagonia gear that was well suited for his sub-artic surroundings in Park City, Utah, Drake hit the stage at Sundance Film Festival three hours late, thanks to a snowstorm that delayed his plane.

According to The Carpetbagger, his fans were "waiting (and drinking) for hours" and had already made it near impossible for Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari to do his stand-up act. Cuba Gooding Jr. couldn't even tame the increasingly rowdy crowd, who were drunk off free drinks and the anticipation of Drake's delayed act.

But when Drake finally took the stage of the Microsoft-sponsored private concert, he soothed the crowd with the sounds of “I’m So Proud of You” and Lil Wayne collabo “I’m on One”, and was ultimately feeling the love. 

“A lot of rappers, when they talk about performing at Sundance, they’re like, I dunno if I’m gonna do my thing, I dunno if people are gonna know it," Drake said.

Sundance, a festival known its popularity with the indie set, might seem like an unlikely venue for the rapper, but he insists it's always been on his to-do list. "Sundance has always been this thing I wanted to attend, no matter what," Drake said. "I like the acting crowd, you know? It's less confrontational."

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