A Los Angeles woman was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to negotiate sexual favors in exchange for Chicken McNuggets at a Burbank McDonald's. Someone saw Khadijah Baseer opening the door of every car in the drive through; aggressively trying to make a deal. Nobody took the bait.

No word on what, specifically, was on her menu or if the quantity of nuggets she received effected that. We're sure Baseer is a firm believer in reciprocity, because you only get what you give. Regardless, this is still a ridiculous display of thirst-or a publicity stunt-that got her arrested for prostitution.

Hey, fiends go crazy for that 9 piece. And 10 piece. And 20 piece. Still, who's going to entertain offers from a woman willing to part her golden arches for them?

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[via LAist]

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