As most comic book fans already know, Scott Snyder's work on Batman over the last five months has produced some of the best Dark Knight stories in the past decade. And now Newsarama has confirmed that DC Comics is expanding Snyder's work into a crossover, titled The Night of the Owls, this May.

But before that, the company will be adding 10-page back-up stories into each issue of Batman to further explore the twisted history of the Court of the Owls, the mysterious cult that has been terrorizing Batman and Bruce Wayne for the past five months.

According to the publisher, “These back-up stories with continue to reveal more about the Court’s sinister agenda as we move toward The Night of The Owls – a massive crossover event coming in May, which will span the Bat-books and reveal the full breadth of their master plan. With their claws sunk into Gotham history, the Owls represent a threat unlike anything Batman’s faced before, threatening to tip the city’s balance of power once and for all.”

All of the back-up stories will be written by Snyder and James Tynion IV, with art by Rafael Albuquerque. While not much is known about the Court of the Owls, Snyder stated that the first back-up tale in issue eight will, "give a sense of the terrifying scope of the Court of Owls’ attack on Gotham. This really will be the first shot in a war for the soul of Gotham City.”

Batman #8 will hit shelves in April, but curious fans should read everything starting with the first issue in order to truly understand the scope of Snyder's story. 

[via Newsarama