Chelsea Handler says a lot of ridiculous things because, well, it’s her job. The 36-year-old late night comedienne has been known to poke fun at celebrities and Mariah Carey just so happened to be punchline in the latest of her slanderous rants.

Handler, who was making an appearance on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show, hit below the belt with a comment about 41-year-old Mariah Carey fluctuating weight:

“She’s worse than Elizabeth Taylor. She’s just so ridiculous with her body. You see her one day and she’s like 50 pounds heavier or lighter. I mean, what is she doing? I don’t even understand what hemisphere people like that operate in. There’s nothing real about her.”

Will Mariah respond with that ether? And if so, will Fif contribute a scathing guest verse?

[Perez Hilton]