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In recent years, filmmaker David Gordon Green has been all about Hollywood-backed, star-driven comedies. The momentum started with 2008’s Pineapple Express, the stoner action-comedy co-written by star Seth Rogen that also began James Franco’s ascent into ubiquity. Earlier this year, Green kept the raunchy humor intact for the gleefully perverted and offbeat fantasy romp Your Highness (with Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, and, once again, Franco).

This weekend, the Texas-born director’s latest R-rated comedy, The Sitter, opens, completing his laughing hat trick with the help of Jonah Hill, three rambunctious kids, and excessive amounts of drugs and adult hijinx. It’s the latest step away from the smaller, more intimate dramas that earned Green the admiration of critics nationwide; if you’ve never seen George Washington, All The Real Girls, or Snow Angels, your NetFlix queue is screaming for an update.

In this exclusive sit-down with Complex, a companion piece to our extensive Q&A with the moviemaker, Green candidly discusses his penchant for switching tones and genres without any pretension.

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