Atlus announced earlier this week that they'll be publishing an RPG based on the Game of Thrones franchise in the US. The game is being developed French studio Cyanide, who is simultaineously working on an RTS based on the series.

The game's story, which will follow two former soldiers who Robert's rebellion who "have made choices that led them in different directions." Based on the trailer, one of them went to join the Night's Watch.

The game's heroes are being created for the game under the direction of series creator George R.R. Martin. Though the lore of the game will be based on the A Song of Fire and Ice series of novels, the game won't seem too foreign to fans only familiar with the HBO series as it will retain the visual style established by the show.

The Game of Thrones RPG is for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2012.