When Sons Of Anarchy returned for its fourth season this past September, it had a lot riding on it. The FX series had previously finished a somewhat experimental year that uprooted most of its main characters from their usual Charming, California, setting and placed them in Northern Ireland, right smack in the middle of an overreaching IRA conflict that the Sons themselves didn't have much to do with; a good portion of the audience, as evidenced by critics and fans alike, wished they'd stayed home.

But creator Kurt Sutter promised that this year would refocus the story on the motorcycle club's internal drama, so we went in with high hopes. And, we're happy to say (after last night's season finale), Sutter has proven to be a man of his word. In addition to bringing SAMCRO back home, the show's creative team kicked the Hamlet themes into overdrive, and long-brewing tensions spilled over to create one of the year's most suspenseful seasons across all channels.

While it may or may not be on Season Two's instant classic level, Sons Of Anarchy Season Four was definitely great, though a few glaring missteps prevented it from being truly exceptional. Put on your helmets as we break it all down.

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