At sunset tonight, Hanukkah begins, and for eight days, Jewish people will celebrate the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem by lighting candles on the menorah.

As a flame dancing atop a candle gives off heat, so do many of the Jewish women who’ve made their mark on pop culture over the years. No matter your faith or creed, after reading this list you’ll agree that the sexy ladies of the Tribe of Judah play second fiddler on the roof to none.

Traditionally, Judaism is passed down through the mother—meaning that if your mother is Jewish, so are you. If she’s not, you’re not, and it doesn’t matter where your daddy prays. However, Reform Judaism allows for a child with a Jewish father who is brought up Jewish qualities.

We’ve included all sorts of Jewish beauties: the devout Jews (Natalie Portman), the not-according-to-Hoyle Jews (Winona Ryder), the converts (Elizabeth Banks), the non-religious (Sarah Silverman), and the Israelis (Bar Refaeli). When hotness is the rule, we’ve got love for everyone.

Oy vey. Enjoy the list, and enjoy the Hanukkah season. Shalom, my friend. Shalom.

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