Who doesn't love good stand-up comedy? Over the decades, some of the most intelligent and prolific entertainers have started their careers off by telling jokes on the stage. Like modern-day philosophers, great comics can be insightful and illuminating, all while providing audiences with memorable one-liners and brilliant observations.

Prolific entertainers such as Jerry Seinfeld, Richard Pryor, and Woody Allen have all been staples of the stage, and some say that's where they did their best work. But it’s not an easy profession. In addition to being funny, a comedian needs unique stage presence and the vision to introduce common subjects to audiences in creative ways.

Truth be told, there are more terrible comedians in the world than good ones. For evidence, look no further than the attempted comeback of one of the worst comics of all time, Carlos Mencia. His new stand-up DVD, Carlos Mencia: New Territory, goes on sale today and showcases the comic trying to win back fans he alienated with years of bland comedy and alleged plagiarism. All he's won around here, though, is placement on our list of The 15 Worst Stand-Up Comedians.

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