When the first details of the upcoming South Park RPG emerged, it was revealed that the game would allow players to choose from five classes. We know that four of those are fighter, mage, thief, and cleric, and the fifth will be made up in-game by Cartman. Given Cartman's propensity for Jew jokes, it took all our strength at the time to resist proffering that the fifth classes would be "Dirty Jew" or something. We're not Cartman, after all.

But it turns out we would have been right, as the fifth class in the South Park RPG is, indeed, a Jew. That tasty detail and more are revealed in Game Informer's video interview with the game's lead designer, Matt MacLean. The combat will riff off Paper Mario and Final Fantasy, and there will be a lot of "juvenile violence" with "wholly unsafe toys." But "you don't need to be a pale basement virgin to understand this game," he says.

Follow the link to watch the video. It sounds like if they achieve their vision, the South Park RPG will be a must-have for fans of the show and hardcore gamers alike. Given Obsidian's mixed track record, do you think it's possible? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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