It's been public knowledge for some time now that Microsoft plans to unveil the sequel to Alan Wake at the VGAs this week. We thought that game, a downloadable title for XBLA, was called Alan Wake's Night Springs. According the German video game ratings board, that may not be the case. They've released their rating of the game, listing the game with a new title, Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Could it be they've changed the name at the last second? Possible, but more likely the European version simply has a different name. Of course, we don't really know much about the next Alan Wake: The only publicly released information comes from the single released screenshot of the game, which shows Wake at a motel, with a road sign that says: "Night Springs: 15 [Miles]".

Whether it's Night Springs or American Nightmare, we'll find out more when the game is unveiled at the VGAs on Saturday. Complex Video Game editor Tina Amini on hand so she'll let you know.

[via SiliconEra]