Infinity Blade II (iOS)
Developer: Chair Entertainment, Epic Games
Release: December 1, 2011
Price: $6

Score: 9/10

Mobile games have a perceived aura of simplicity about them. Maybe diminutive price tags are to blame. Or maybe the fault lies with their pastel colors and often charming mascots. Or maybe, just maybe, the ever-growing ubiquity of smart devices has perpetuated the “phone games are for moms” attitude held by so many purists.

Then comes Infinity Blade 2, a game that fully understands both the strengths and limitations of its platform. A title that should satisfy anyone looking for a mechanically elegant experience backed with gorgeous presentation, challenging combat, and strong role-playing elements. This latest effort from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment captures the precise and intense combat of Dark Souls but remembers that it is – at its core – a mobile game. Read on for our full review. 

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