This past weekend, we sat down with Matthias Myllyrinne and Oskari Hakkinen of Remedy Entertainment to get a first-hand look at the recently-announced Alan Wake's American Nightmare. We got a look at the new story section, as well as some great hands-on time with the "Arcade Action," which is sure to be a very different experience for fans of Alan Wake, but one that is very exciting, and an absolute blast to play. 

The new story featured in American Nightmare is one that showcases the clever tactics of Remedy's writing staff. Fans of Alan Wake should be familiar with Night Springs, the Twilight Zone-esque TV show scattered around the original game. Well it seems that before Alan was a thriller writer of rockstar status, he penned a few episodes of the sci-fi serial. American Nightmare gets very interesting when we learn that we're actually playing through one of those very episodes of Night Springs.

The use of the show tells us that this story is very central to the established lore of the franchise, while the atmosphere and gameplay are steps away from it's familiar grounds. American Nightmare will use a hub structure, and players will retrace the same paths several times throughout the story. In addition, there are some new enemy types that are as terrifying as they are crafty, and some new weapons, like the crossbow, that will get players to switch up their play styles and tactics. In addition, players returning from Alan Wake will be glad to know that Mr. Scratch is back in a huge way, as he will be the antagonist of American Nightmare.

The other major pillar of Alan Wake's American Nightmare is the aforementioned "Arcade Action," which will see players fighting off waves of enemies until the sun rises. By this point, all is well in whatever creepy town Alan probably shouldn't have visited in the first place. But this isn't Horde Mode, and Remedy has put together a single-player arcade experience that is fast, hectic, and genuinely frightening.

That's right, "Arcade Action" is single-player, and that may be the best thing for it. It's a very engrossing, exciting mode to play, and it's balanced very well. This is a much faster Alan Wake experience, sure to entice new players who weren't sold on the first game. At the same time, it retains the core concepts that fans of Alan Wake connected with, so returning players should feel right at home here. Read on for our interview with the developers.

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