A reddit user posted last night that Steamcast, an unofficial Valve podcast, had tweeted, "Go ahead given by Gabe Newell to start dropping hints relating to the next Half Life game". Although the tweet has since been deleted, its legitimacy has yet to be refuted or confirmed; only its mystery has increased.

The tweet's existence is not in question, as we saw it with our own eyes shortly before it was taken down (should have taken a screen grab, we know). But where would Steamcast even get such a morsel? Their last interview with Valve CEO Newell (parts one and two) occurred in February this year, and it contains practically no mention at all of Half-Life 3. We even sent them a message asking for clarification, though at this time we've received no reply.

If this was a troll on Steamcast's part, they would probably have left the tweet up. If Valve encouraged them to either post it, delete it, or both, well, we already know what great trolls they are. Then again, given all the recent happenings—the Half-Life 3 shirt, the hints from Newell himself, the official-looking site—we wouldn't be surprised if this was legit.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out. What's your verdict? Has Valve taken this too far? Can HL3 possibly live up to the hype? Is any of this real or are they just trollololing us all the way to the piggy bank? Give us your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.