Nintendo president Satoru Iwata outlined the 3DS' immeadiate future (in Japan) yesterday during their "Nintendo Direct" presentation. During the talk, Iwata announced Nintendo's dates for all the games it plans to release in Japan for the 3DS January through March.

Except for one game, Fire Emblem 3DS, now known as Fire Emblem: Awakening, won't be in stores until April 19th, slightly later than expected. Since the broadcast focussed on the Japanese market, there was no word on whether or not Awakening would be coming to the U.S. More importantly, Iwata did not mention anything about the game having downloadable content: A Nikkei report before the broadcast predicted that the game would be Nintendo's first attempt at adding paid DLC to their consoles.

As for the games arriving on time, Kid Iccarus: Uprising will finally take off in Japan on March 22nd. Other notable games for U.S. audiences included Resident Evil: Revelations (January 26th) and Dynasty Warriors VS (March 15th).

[Via Andriasang]