Right when you thought you had it all, along came the Supaboy. We just caught wind of this little gadget and we've already had to change shirts twice (we sweat when we get excited). It's basically an oversized SNES controller with a 3.5 inch LCD screen jammed into the middle and a cartridge slot on the back. We could get into the nitty gritty technical details, but we won't, because what more do you need to know?

It's also got an A/V out capabilities and room to plug in two controllers, so it can act as a home console as well as a standalone. We've yet to discover whether it's compatible with all SNES games, but it does seem to have most of its bases covered. It's from Hyperkin—the company behind other treasures like this burgundy NES / SNES / Genesis combo—and we can't wait to get our sweaty little hands on it. It's a hell of a better solution for the retro portable woes than this jury-rigged N64 briefcase, at least.

You can get it on Amazon for $79.99—let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook whether our excitement is justified.

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