Who has the time to watch every TV show on their radar, or saved into their DVR memory banks? Whether it’s sitcoms or hour-long dramas, television programs require a significant commitment of time, energy, and, in some cases, patience. Setting aside 13 hours to knock out a complete season is hard work, though the best types of series make the long hauls worth every second (an entire Breaking Bad could be absorbed in a day, minus a good night’s sleep); others, however, can make 12 episodes feel like you're trapped in a torture chamber (if you hate someone, lock him or her in a closet with Private Practice running on loop).

People, especially entertainment junkies, can be masochists, though, so it’s inevitable that boob-tube enthusiasts will dedicate pockets of their time to watching shows in their entireties. But DVR queues fill up rapidly, and those too cheap to invest in the technology don’t always make it home in time to laugh at Ty “Phil Dunphy” Burrell’s moronic exploits. The best solution: adding DVD and Blu-ray season sets to your personal library, and what better way to do so than ask holiday shoppers to hook that ass up? Just point them toward the following gift guide of The 25 TV Shows We're Wishing For.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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